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My Favorite Game- I See-Jamie Oitker

Do you ever have a hard time with Kindergarten? Me too! When I started teaching 21 years ago, I was struggling with kindergarten PE. I went to visit another teacher and she taught me this game. It has saved me countless times and is a great transition pieces for all grades. This is the first thing I teach my student teachers when they come to teach with me.

I See is a simple call and response activity. The teacher says "I See" and the students respond with "What do you see (insert your name)? Teacher says "I see students spinning on their dot." The students then spin on their dot. Then use what ever your signal is to stop them. This game also helps them learn your name at the beginning of the year.

Things that you can see for this activity:

  • to transition between activities

  • to get water at the end of class

  • to introduce new activities

  • to do locomotor and non locomotor movements

  • touch 10 things that are red in my gym or find shapes, letters, or numbers

  • I have seen them skip to the baseline

  • I have seen them line up on the letters to leave my gym or to start a new activity.

  • elephant walk or bear crawl to the numbers

  • freeze when I walk into a classroom or the cafeteria and they are being loud.



Great idea! Lots of neuroplasticity activity in action~ Thanks for sharing!

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