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Using Mantras for Social & Emotional Learning

There’s a lot to be said about willing positive things into your life. Understanding how mantras work can help to bring confidence and joy into your life. It’s done by constantly reminding yourself that you can achieve anything that you put your mind to.

Mantras can be read, chanted, or even sung. The important thing is that they are said out loud so that you get the benefit of the sound vibrations. Uttering the syllables can unlock something in you so that you can become more self-aware.

Repeating the mantras is particularly important as it holds a certain power. Don’t simply read without being aware. You have to open your mind up. Understand the power of every syllable that comes out as it can open up your stream of consciousness.

​​ Mantras can be a great way to center yourself and your students. Find new phrases that appeal to you as you go through different internal and external struggles, too.


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